Jiaming Lake Cabins and Jiaming Lake Campsite

Jiaming Lake National Trail Cabins Advanced Application and Priority Reservation for Foreigners.

  • The Jiaming Lake National Trail is 13 kilometers long. Lodging along the trail includes the Siangyang Mountain Cabins, the Jiaming Lake Cabins, and the Jiaming Lake Campsite.
  • Advanced applications are required for cabins and campsite. Telephone, email and on-site reservations are not accepted.
  • Lodging costs:
    • Siangyang Mountain Cabins and Jiaming Lake Cabins,
      Non-holiday: NT$400; Holiday: NT$600.
    • Siangyang Campsite and Jiaming Lake Campsite
      Non-holiday: NT$600; Holiday:NT$500.
  • Priority reservation for foreigners is for the convenience of their hiking itinerary confirmation. On non-holidays (Sunday to Thursday), 18 slots per day for Siangyang Mountain Cabins and Jiaming Lake Cabins are reserved for foreigners.
    • Website for advanced application:
    • Priority reservation for foreigners are not accepted for General Application or holiday reservation (Friday to Saturday). If you need priority reservation, please apply through the Priority Reservation for Foreigners.
    • Priority Reservation: On non-holidays (Sunday to Thursday), 18 slots per day for Siangyang Mountain Cabins and Jiaming Lake Cabins are reserved for foreigners.
      • Application for reservation is opened 61 days to 120days before check-in date.
      • Priority reservation is not available during Taiwan"s public holidays or long weekends, such as New Year"s Day, Lunar New Year, February 28th, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.
      • Advanced application for foreign teams is based on a team ratio of 10 foreigners to 2 Taiwan nationals:
        • Teams with 5 or fewer foreigners may include 1 Taiwan national;
        • Teams with 6 or more foreigners may include 2 Taiwan nationals;
        • Daily reserved slots for advanced foreigner application include a maximum of 4 slots for Taiwan nationals.
      • Please upload all foreign passports and other identification documents at the time of application for review (the numbers in the application should be consistent with the numbers in the documents). If the provided documents are non-foreign identification documents, eligibility for application will be cancelled.
      • Completed applications with uploaded foreign passports will be given reservation on a first come, first served basis. If the number of people in a team application exceeds the number of reserved slots, the said team and other subsequent teams will be placed for lottery in General Application.
      • If a foreign team has already obtained bed space reservation and wishes to replace a member, only the team leader can be replaced. If the team wishes to replace its team leader, the original foreign team leader can only be replaced by another foreigner; and a team leader who is a Taiwan national can only be replaced by another Taiwan national.
      • For fairness and to prevent multiple application for priority reservation, foreigners are limited to one priority reservation per year. All other applications must be made through the General Application lottery.
  • For the entrance pass application, please provide the information of a Taiwan national for emergency contact in case of typhoon or other emergencies.
  • Payment methods for priority team reservation are as follow. Please pay within the due date. The system will automatically cancel eligibility if payment is overdue.
    • Priority reservation: Pay within 5 days after application.
      • Online with credit card.
      • Bank transfer: teller (payment must be received before 3:30 p.m. ), ATM transfer, Internet ATM and online banking transfer (payment must be received before 24:00).
      • Postal money order (payment must be received before 3:30 p.m. ).
  • Application for refund: To cancel reservation for lodging or reduce the number of guests, the applicant should make the necessary changes.
    • If cancellation is completed 8 days before the check-in date, the full amount will be refunded.
    • If cancellation is completed 4-7 days before the check-in date, 50% of the amount will be refunded.
    • No refund will be given for cancellation made within 3 days of check-in date, or for no show on the check-in date.
  • To decrease or increase the number of days for priority reservation, please cancel reservation and reapply.
  • Cabin bed number and campsite number notification: The applicant will be notified of the bed/campsite number for the team via email and text at 8 a.m. four days before check-in, and the information will also be posted on the website bulletin.
  • When registering for lodging, please show your identification document for verification by the Office staff and the Siangyang police station. After entering the trail, please do not change lodging location or itinerary without authorization.
  • In the event of a typhoon warning, forest fire or other emergencies, the Office shall issue additional emergency measures to prohibit entry. During this period, issued permit for entering the trail, cabin bed/campsite reservation and mountain pass will be automatically invalidated. Those who have already entered the trail area should quickly evacuate according to regulation. The Office will refund fees paid. Application for delay or other accommodation dates are not accepted.