Mountaineering certificate application


Instructions for purchasing the Jiaming Lake National Trail Mountaineering Completion Commemorative Certificate

serial number




Petition form

Climb the Jiaming Lake National Trail above 3,000 meters and Taiwan’s Baiyue Mountains within the trail range. (Areas above 3,000 meters include Heishui Pond, Yushan Juniper, Xiangyang Mountain Main Peak, Xiangyang North Peak, Sancha Mountain, Jiaming Lake and other scenic spots.)


Application method

To apply online, please go to the official website of Jiaming Lake National Trail ( to log in as a member and enter "Mounting Certificate Application"


Information should be attached to the application

1. 1 mountaineering photo (electronic file, with the applicant’s name as the file name).

2. Chinese or English name, address (for returning the certificate), phone number (for contact), application date, and climbing date.



NT$600 per serving. Payment must be completed within 3 days after the application form is sent.


Work schedule

From the day the transfer is received, it will be completed and mailed within 14 days (extension for holidays of more than 3 days).


payment method

Create a virtual account through the application system and transfer money to the bank or ATM


Handling data errors

1. If the applicant’s information is incorrectly filled in and corrections cannot be provided, please reapply.

2. If there is an error made by our office, please send the certificate back (the postage will be borne by our office) for free correction.



Horizontal                     straight


File size:200MB




Certificate size specifications

The format size is 19cm high x 13.7cm wide

A total of 30% off, the spread size is 18cm high x 50cm


Printing material

Certificate inner cover: Caiyi element paper 100B/116g + hot matte silver + hardcover shell

Certificate waist: Caiyi element paper 130A/116g

Certificate inner page: Caiyi element paper 130A/244g+reverse letterpress printing

Certificate: Caiyi denim paper JEF1502/151g


Certificate photo reference:





I have fully understood the above instructions and agree to abide by the relevant regulations.