Southern Cross-Island Highway Attractions

Haiduan Township

Bunun Cultural Museum
The Haiduan Township Bunun Cultural Museum was established in 2002. It is the only official art exhibition venue, affiliated with the Haiduan Township Office. The goal of the operation is for cultural development in the town, introduce a diversity of arts and cultural activities, assist with local cultural research, records, display and education, promote cultural and industrial marketing, and provide tourism-related consultation. For more information, please visit

Tourist Attractions on the eastern section of the Southern Cross-Island Highway

The eastern section of the highway begins at Haiduan Township, and passes through Chulai, Xinwu, Xiama, Xinwu, Wulu, Lidao and other villages.
Haiduan Township produces numerous agricultural products, including vegetables, rice, grains and fruits. Along the route, the Wulu Fort, Wulu Gorge and Tianlong Suspension Bridge are the most significant sites. A rich resource of hotsprings can also be found along the Haiduan Township route, such as the Lisong Hot Spring, Lulu Hot Spring and Wulu Hot Spring. These enroute hotsprings are well-known, and for more tourist information, please visit

Wulu Gorge and Taitung County Haiduan Township Xinwulu River Fish Refuge

Wulu Gorge and Taitung County Haiduan Township Xinwulu River Fish Refuge
The Bunun language for Xinwulu is Samuluh, which means river convergence. Specifically, the Wulu River, Dalun River and the Bulikesang River meet to form the Xinwulu River (which is the upstream of Beinan River). The water of Xinwulu River is very clean, and has a rich ecological and an abundance of fish resources. For more tourism information, please contact the Taitung County Haiduan Community Development Association at 0930-619419.