Jiaming Lake National Trail Application Regulations for Same-Day Visit

  • Applicants: Mountaineering groups or individuals. Team leaders must be a Taiwan national, but the nationalities of team members are not limited.
  • Application time:
    • During work hours 1 day before entering the mountain (excluding holidays).
    • Applications are not accepted during mountain resting period.
  • Application method:
    Email the completed application form to t324121@gmail.com.
  • IV. Review method:
    Documents are reviewed, so please attach required application information. Same-day visit permit will be mailed to approved applicants.
  • Attach the following documents with the application:
    • Chiaming Lake National Park Trail Application Form for Same-Day Visit
    • Proof of mountaineering ability for every team member.
  • Those who have been approved by the Office should comply with the following:
    • Do not arbitrarily change or add members.
    • Before entering the Chiaming Lake National Park Trail, apply to a police unit for mountain permit.
    • Entrance time for mountain is based on the opening time of the trail: After 5:00 a.m. during summer (April-September); after 6:00 a.m. during winter (October-April of the following year). Leaving time for the mountain is before 5 p.m. Please stop and register at the entrance of Siangyang National Forest Recreation Area (Service Station) before entering and leaving the mountain.
    • Pay attention to personal safety when mountaineering, and purchase your own mountaineering or travel insurance.
    • All team members must comply with the regulations of the Taitung Forest District Office. Violators or those who falsify information shall have their names posted on the Office bulletin, and shall be dealt with according to the law.
    • To reduce mountaineering accidents, the Office will review same-day visit application for Chiaming Lake National Park Trail. Be sure to complete every field in the application form, and attach relevant documents. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
    • Before entering the mountain, please stop at the service office to sign the Chianming Lake National Park Trail Same-day Visit Registration. For groups, each member must personally sign in; signing on behalf of others is not permitted.
    • Teams are subject to penalties under the following circumstances:
      • Team members on same-day visit application stay overnight intentionally or for no valid reason in Chiaming Lake National Park Trail cabins, campsites or other areas along the trail. In addition to cabin or campsite charges, the team must also pay a 50% handling fee (Calculated according to the total lodging cost).
      • 2. Teams who fail to stop at the entrance of Siangyang National Forest Recreation Area (service office) to register and have their identities verified before entering and leaving the mountain shall have their application invalidated, and shall be ineligible for same-day visit, cabins and campsites within the jurisdiction of the Office for 1 year.
  • The application can be downloaded from the Application Forms <Download site>.