Control measures

Control Measures
Taitung Branch , Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency Jiaming Lake National
Trail Control Measures

  • The Measures are formulated by the The Taitung Branch , Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency(hereinafter referred to as Office) for the sustainable use of natural resources, sustainable development of trail eco-tourism, environmental conservation and visitor safety on the Jiaming Lake National Trail. 
  • The Measures apply to the areas along the Jiaming Lake National Trail.
  • Accept for relevant laws such as the Forest Act and Wildlife Conservation Act, trail control shall be in accordance with this Measures, and shall be implemented by the Office""s Recreation Division and the Guanshan Workstation.
  • Visitors to the trail must be approved for cabin or campsite lodging by the Taitung Forest District Office Jiaming Lake National Trail Cabin Management and Lodging Application Regulations.
  • The mountaineering service station and management station are located at the main entrance to the Jiaming Lake National Trail (Siangyang Forest Recreation Area) to control public access to the Trail and handle the following matters:
    • Verify approved name list for cabin lodging, letter of approval for lodging and personal identification.
    • Register information of person entering and exiting the trail.
    • Contact information for emergency rescue.
    • Conduct education on mountaineering safety, Leave No Trace and other trail precautions for entering the trail.
  • For ecological conservation and visitor safety, the Measures limit the number of visitors in the Jiaming Lake National Trail to 176 people per day according to the total capacity of the campsites and cabins. Same day visitors must apply one working day before entering (excluding holidays). Residents of Haiduan Township must show proof of identity at the service station before entering the trail.
  • Same day visitors must apply with the Jiaming Lake National Trail Same Day Visit Application Regulations. Teams approved for entry must leave the Siangyang National Park Forest Recreation Area before 5 pm. To lodge in the cabins or campsites, lodging fees must be paid, plus a 50% handling fee (calculated based on the total lodging fees).
  • Staff from the Office and the Guanshan Workstation shall conduct random inspection. If necessary, the Forest & Nature Conservation Police Unit and the local police will be called upon to assist with restraining and suppressing acts of destruction and violations.
  • The Office shall assist the neighboring community (Haiduan Township, Taitung County) in jointly managing the development of the Jiaming Lake National Trail, and train relevant service personnel for the trail.
  • The Jiaming Lake National Trail may be closed due to natural disasters, human accidents or other reasons. If determined that the lives and property of visitors are at risk, the Office shall close the trail, restrict visitor access or adopt other necessary protective measures.
  • To ensure visitor safety and protect their rights and interests, the Office regularly inspects the various facilities and projects within the Jiaming Lake National Trail area.
  • This trail is the habitat of natural ecology and wildlife. The trail is scheduled to close from January 5 to March 31 each year (as announced by the Office) to rest the mountain. During this period, the Jiaming Lake National Trail will be closed.  application for mountain activities, cabins and Jiaming Lake Campsite will be temporarily suspende.