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Thank you for your support of this site, please read the terms of this membership in detail, if you agree to the terms, you can register to become a member of this site.

Membership Terms

Welcome to our membership. All applicants for membership services should carefully read the terms for site use. The purpose of these terms is to protect the interests of service providers to members and users. The terms constitute the agreement between service providers and members and users. Users who have completed registration, or who have begun using member services are deemed to have understood and be in full agreement with all the terms of the agreement:

Notice on collection of personal information 

  1. The Jiaming Lake Cabins, Siangyang Campsite, Jiaming Lake Campsite and Jiaming Lake Campsite online booking system requires the following personal information from members: name, gender, ID card number, date of birth, address, telephone, special accommodation needs or preferences.
  2. The effective period for using personal member information begins with successful membership application and ends with membership termination. The purpose of use is limited to Jiaming Lake National Trail reservation, and restricted to those authorized to make Internet reservations.  
  3. According to Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, members may use the website to exercise the following rights: (1) Ask for or browse information; (2) Request copies; (3) Request addition or correction of information; (4) Request termination of  information collection, processing or use; (5) Request deletion of information. Please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the homepage to apply.
  4. Personal information in fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required, and those who fail to provide the information cannot qualify for membership.
Member password security and notification requirements  
  1. Member account and password cannot be the same for login.
  2. Members should keep their password safe, and shall not disclose their password or provide it for the use of others. All activities conducted in the member account and password are regarded as the activities of the member and password holder.
  3. Personal information used in member registration must be accurate and true. If information is found to be false, membership shall be suspended or terminated. Violations against the laws of the Republic of China shall be investigated accordingly.
  4. Members who discover or suspect a third party of using their member account or password should immediately notify us and take necessary precautions.

Member privacy protection

•  Privacy is protected with the exception of the following:

1.  As indicated by the law.
2.  Requested by judiciary or other competent authorities for legal proceedings.
3.  In case of an emergency to protect the safety of other members or a third party.
4.  Information needed for cash flow or logistic as a result of member purchases or gift redemptions with businesses.

•  Registered or stored personal information of members such as name, address, credit card number, e-mail address and other personal information protected by the law shall not be disclosed to others without the permission of members.

Intellectual property rights

The copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, other intellectual property right, ownership right or other rights to all works and materials on the website belong to the original author. Unless legally pre-authorized or approved by the right holder, members shall not reproduce, transmit, revise, edit or use the works and materials in any other form or purpose, or shall otherwise be liable.

 Validity of Individual Terms

Invalidity of all or part of the terms in this agreement shall not affect the validity of other agreements.

 Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

The rights and obligations of members and the Company shall be in accordance with Internet regulations and ROC laws. Disputes shall be referred to the Taiwan Pingtung District Court for first instance jurisdiction court. Omissions in any statements and terms shall be jointly discussed and resolved according to the principle of utmost sincerity, good faith, equality and reciprocity.


Membership termination and notification obligations

1.    The Company retains the right to change service content or terminate any member account, and will notify the member by e-mail.
2.    The normal operations of the website will be maintained using currently accepted methods and technology. However, in the event of information display error, forgery, tampering, deletion or appropriation, or system interruption or failure as a result of a natural disaster, unforeseen incident or other unpreventable and unattributable causes, the Company shall not be liable for compensation or restitution.
3.    Those who decide to terminate membership should notify us directly by email. We will cancel your member information as soon as possible, and notify you by email.
4.    Members are responsible for giving notice of membership cancellation. All member benefits and rights shall terminate as of the date of cancellation (based on date of email sent).
5     To avoid malicious acts resulting in the loss of member rights and interests, the Company will confirm cancellation by telephone upon notification before cancelling membership.