Application for climbing round trip on the same day

Same-day mountain climbing application requirements


(This application requirement applies to one-day travelers on the Jiaming Lake National Trail and those going to Buxin Camp or other mountain trails)


1. Application time:


(1) Online application is open from 30 days to 1 day before entering the mountain.


(2) To apply on the same day, please go to the Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area Mountaineering Service Station to fill in the application form.


2. Application method:


(1) Application for one-day round trip project of Jiaming Lake National Trail


             Number of applicants: Only one person per application form can be submitted, and the fields for filling in personnel information are divided into two columns.


             Column 1: Applicant/Tour Leader (the system automatically brings in the information, minors are not allowed to be applicants)


             The second column: the team member column can be filled with up to 9 people.


(2) The one-day return permit will be produced after successful application. Please log in to the Mountain House application website to inquire and print.


(3) The applicant must be a one-day commuter and cannot be replaced


(4) From the time the application form is sent to 11:59 pm on the day before the day before entering the mountain, if the date of entry is changed or the number of people is added (subtracted), the system will resend the single-day round-trip permit. Please bring the updated permit and accept it. Our officers checked the identity with Xiangyang Police Station. Note: For the Jiaming Lake National Trail, you still need to go to the Police Station to apply for a mountain pass. Please pay attention to the last time to apply for a mountain pass.


3. Single-day round trip cancellation:


If you are unable to go to the mountain for some reason, the applicant should go to the website to cancel the trip or delete some people. Except for weather conditions or special circumstances (typhoons, earthquakes, fires), those who do not proactively cancel will not be allowed to apply for a same-day round trip within 6 months from the scheduled entry date.


4. Single-day round trip time:


(1) Due to the frequent activities of Taiwanese black bears, the time to enter the mountain is at 3 a.m. and the time to leave the mountain is before 5 p.m. Please register at the entrance of the Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area Service Station before entering and leaving the mountain.


(2) Avoid going down the mountain at night and in the dark. If you do not arrive at Jiaming Lake Mountain House at 10 a.m. or at Jiaming Lake at 12 noon, it is recommended to turn back the same way for safety reasons.


*Reminder: Please consider the physical fitness of the team members during the mountaineering trip, plan the time of each leg in advance, manage time risks, and be sure to set the final return time.


5. If you enter the mountain with the approval of this department, please strictly abide by the following matters:


        (1) The Jiaming Lake National Trail is a legally declared "Important Habitat for Guanshan Wild Animals". Except for approved academic research, it is strictly prohibited to harass, capture, and kill wild animals, collect specimens, destroy the original state of the trail, and interfere with the ecology of the lake water. , or bring out any unauthorized trail resources. Violators will be prosecuted in accordance with Articles 41 and 42 of the Wildlife Conservation Act.


        (2) On the day of entering the mountain, no personnel changes or additions are allowed.


        (3) Camping outside designated areas and arbitrarily discarding garbage and waste are prohibited.


        (4) Before entering the Jiaming Lake National Trail, you must apply for a mountain entry permit from the police unit in advance.


        (5) Please pay attention to your own mountaineering safety when entering the mountain, and take out mountaineering or travel insurance by yourself.


        (6) All team members are required to abide by the relevant regulations of the Taitung Forestry District Management Office. If there are any violations or false information posted, the office will announce the violation and impose sanctions in accordance with the regulations.


        (7) In order to reduce the occurrence of mountaineering accidents, please be sure to fill in all fields in the application form in detail.


        (8) If the applicant team has the following circumstances, the following penalties will be imposed:


                1. All team members who apply for a one-day round-trip overnight stay at any mountain hut, camp or trail on the Jiaming Lake National Trail without reason or intentionally will be charged 50% of the handling fee (based on the total accommodation) in addition to the mountain hut bed or camp fee. Fee calculation), all team members will be suspended for one year from their rights to apply for same-day travel and stay at mountain huts and campsites under our jurisdiction.


                2. If all team members fail to register and cooperate with the identity check at the gate of our Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area (Service Station) before entering or leaving the mountain, our team members will be stopped from applying for same-day travel and stay in mountain huts and campsites under our jurisdiction. Rights for 1 year.



Important reminder


The one-day round trip to Jiaming Lake starts from the Jiaming Lake National Trail entrance to Jiaming Lake. The altitude rises from 2,350 meters to 3,603 meters (ascending and descending about 1,253 meters). The route totals 26.8 kilometers and must be completed within 14 hours. The difficulty is high and it will put the team members’ mountain adaptation and physical condition to a great test. The conditions of the team members should be carefully weighed before applying.

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